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For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. - Jesus


About Two Or Three

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How We Formed
Aaron from The Wardrobe Door was overworked from trying to be a one man posting machine, and asked about co-blogging. So seeker from When You Return and Tom from DaddyPundit responded, and here we are. With the explosion of Xian blogging, it's really hard for one person to stand out, posting something of quality at least every day, so we decided to share our mission and try to multiply our effect on the blogosphere. We are still looking for co-bloggers, so if you resonate with our mission and statement of faith, write us.

Our Mission
The more focused your mission statement, the more effective your work can be. Our mission statement is still new, so I'm sure we'll be sharpening it plenty. For now, try this on:

To succinctly, deeply, and publicly reflect on the teachings of the scripture, and especially the life and teachings of Jesus. To discuss how these teachings impact our own lives, and how they should be applied to science, culture, politics, and the search for truth.

Statement of Faith
We all wanted something simple. We all agreed that the statement of faith from the NAE was short, sweet, and complete enough. We also really all resonate with the following aphorism of St. Augustine:

In the essentials, UNITY
In the non-essentials, LIBERTY
In all things, CHARITY

Everybody cool with that? :D


  • Congratulations on your new group blog. We're enjoying the collaborative approach at Stones Cry Out, and you will too.

    Thanks for being a friend of The Rooftop Blog and SCO.

    We'll keep on eye on About Two or Three!

    Jim Jewell

    By Blogger Rooftop MediaWorks, at 2/23/2005 2:31 PM  

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