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Did Chrisitans ban the IMAX movie?

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

TKS has an update on the story of IMAX theaters not showing the film "Volcanoes." It appears that the whole story may be a ploy by the scientist to prop up a poorly made film.

In the New York Times article that started it all (well it didn't actually start it all since the film has been showing in close to 35 IMAX theaters since it's opening in 2003), they quoted two people who say the movie has shelved in some markets because of the influence of Christians and the possibility of protests (no actual protest).

The two people they quoted, were not directors or owners of IMAX theaters, they were people involved in making and distributing the film.

The article quoted two theater spokespersons from Fort Worth, TX and Charleston, SC who mentioned the evolution aspect of the film. Both said the evolutionary overtones of the movie was part of the reason they decided (initially) to not show it, but there were quality issues as well. Most of their reviewing audiences didn't like the flim for various reasons, only some of which were the evolutionary science in the film.

So far we have no protest and two theaters who said they weren't going to show it for various reasons, including the evolution part. One of those theaters (Fort Worth) has changed its mind and is now running "Volcanoes." The other (Charleston) has not yet made up its mind. It has not ruled out showing it.

In an AP story, they quote someone from an Atlanta IMAX theater that chose not to run the film. She said the science was fine, but the movie "was slow moving and a little dry."

The filmmaker said that theaters who spoke poorly of the quality were only doing that so as not to admit they bowed to Christian pressure.

Again, I have yet to see any Christian pressure or reglious protest, etc. All I have seen and read is about a film not doing very well and those behind the film start screaming "Christian censorship" and everyone from the New York Times comes running and dutifully writes the articles, ignoring all the history of the story.

How is the film being censored or scientific speech being supressed when it is already running on 35 theaters and of the handfuls that have rejected it most said it was because the film just wasn't that good?

Audiences at test screenings have panned the movie, giving it low marks on quality. The audiences found the disliked the music and narration, found it to be too academic, lacking in color in the deep-sea images and on and on.

So did the mere thought of Christians protesting in the streets stop this otherwise quality movie from succeeding or could it have been a case where those behind the film thought a little controversy could go a long way in helping their poorly received, lackluster film?

It just strikes me as odd that two years after the film has been released and shown in 35 theaters it becomes a story about Christians stopping this movie from being shown by the general public. Maybe it just the New York Times assumes "those people" should be ridiculed one more time.


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