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The Promotional Power of the Blogosphere

by Tom Parsons [+/-] show/hide

I just discovered that Mark Lee, guitarist for one of my favorite bands Third Day, has his own blog at This Guy Falls Down. Mark clearly understands the influence of the blogosphere as he has started a series of posts for aspiring songwriters on how to get their songs published. First step: start a blog! The blog gives you a platform in which to make your material available for folks to hear.

Stacy Harp is tapping into this power of the blogosphere by starting a new blog: Mind and Media. She's recruiting bloggers to review books and post their reviews on their blogs. As further proof that this will work she cites a recent survey that shows one in four readers say the last book they selected was recommended by a friend. And she's already got publishers lined up ready to give her books to share with her review team.

Although many people still think of the blogosphere as a place for political discussion there is still great untapped potential for the blogosphere to be used as a marketplace of ideas and products.


  • Yeah, I saw the link to her site on your blog and I am going to do some reviews too. Hey, free books just for writing my opinion on them. I was made for that!

    By Blogger Aaron, at 3/17/2005 7:14 AM  

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