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Crossing into a posthuman society

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

by Aaron

Dr. Albert Mohler has an excellent piece on the implications of the currently dominant worldview.

The drive to "improve" humanity has been spreading with revival like fervor across academia and now it is reaching the masses.

Anything and everything can be sacrificed on the altar of youthfulness, attractiveness and superficial achievement.

Mohler looks at Consumer's Guide to a Brave New World by Wesley J. Smith.

In it, Smith theorizes about the future when a "posthuman" race becomes a reality. Many are supporting and encouraging what they refer to as transhumanism, the end result of the constant tinkering with human genetic traits, mammal cloning, transgenic human-animal hybrids, etc. (Get ready for that to be a new "ism" after sexism, racism, and speciesism; now comes transhumanism(?). Or maybe taking it's cue from homophobia, posthumaphobia?)

This is a topic that Christians should become aware of because like it or not we now live in a brave new world far beyond the imagination of Aldous Huxley and even more is around the bend.


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