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The history of Maewyn Succat

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

Today we celebrate the life of Maewyn Succat.

Maewyn lived an average ordinary life in England, until he was 16 when he was kidnapped by Irish marauders and sold into slavery to a Druid chieftain in Ireland.

He worked for the druidical high priest for six years tending his flock of sheep. While he was in captivity, Maewyn became fluent in the celtic language and began to pray close to 100 times a day.

After working there six years, Maewyn decided to escape. He went about 200 miles before he found a ship ready to sail.

Maewyn went into the ministry and placed himself under the guidance of a bishop, St. Germain. In a few years, he was promoted to priest.

He begin to have thoughts of the people in Ireland and longed to return there to spread the Gospel. He began tell St. Germain of his desires. The bishop recommended Maewyn to the pope, so he traveled to Rome.

Shortly before Maewyn's death, Pope Celestine agreed to let Maewyn return to Ireland to teach God's word. Before Maewyn left, the pope gave him the name "Patritius" or Patrick, derived from two Latin words meaning the father of his people.

Now Patrick, went to Ireland with a vast knowledge of their language and their religious beliefs. He began to spread Christianity to the Irish people.

Because of their beliefs, the concept of the Trinity was a difficult one for them to grasp. Patrick then plucked a three-leaved shamrock from the ground and told them of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - three in one. This enabled many druids to understand Christianity and accept Jesus.

Despite many death threats and attempts on his life, Patrick continued to spread the Gospel to the people of Ireland until his death. Then, his name was changed once more to St. Patrick.

I learned most of this from a cucumber sock puppet. Lutfi, the tinsey-winsey cucumber, told the story on Veggie Tales episode: Sumo of the Opera. It is amazing what you can learn from children's entertainment.


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