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My favorite politician - Howard Dean

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

Howard Dean continues his 50-state tour of Biblical ignorance.

Go and see him expound on his favorite New Testament book - Job.

Be amazed at his ability to take virtually ever possible verse out of context and force a political meaning on it to benefit Democrats.

Stand in awe of his....Dan Ratheresqe courage as he chastizes the Republicans for their concern of money while immediately turning around and requesting campaign donations.

Do not miss out on your chance to witness the Howard Dean Biblical Ignorance Tour 2005. Coming to a southern or western city near you.


  • Best of the Web Today (James Taranto) points out this exchange, as reported by the Boston Globe in January of 2004:

    Ungerer called on the Democrats to heed the biblical maxim of "love thy neighbor," adding: "Please tone down the garbage, the mean-mouthing, of tearing down your neighbor, and being so pompous."

    Dean, who listened quietly, immediately replied, "George Bush is not my neighbor." When Ungerer tried to interrupt, the former governor shouted: "You sit down! You had your say, and now I'm going to have my say."

    By Blogger LotharBot, at 3/23/2005 2:08 PM  

  • I know - the more he delivers backhanded instults towards people of faith, while trying to feign piety while he delivers his liberal stances, the more people in the middle are pushed away from the Democratic party.

    By Blogger papa, at 3/23/2005 10:53 PM  

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