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The only time the media likes Evangelicals is...

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

when they agree with them or at least when the polls say they agree with the media.

A new CBS News poll (we all know how trustworthy they are) shows that the majority of self described evangelicals disagree with the intervention of President Bush and Congress in the Schiavo case.

The only time the MSM places any type of importance on the views of evangelicals is when they find a poll that shows them disagreeing with Republicans or if they can just find some spokesperson to identify themselves as evangelical and disagree with the President, like last month's big deal with the environment.

Last month the meme was "evangelicals are becoming green" and how more and more evangelicals were supposedly straying from conservative thought on environmental issues like global warming.

Read the New York Times article and see how many dissenting view points you find in the article. See if you can find a poll done to support the claim. If you find any of those you are better than me. All I see is cherry-picked people to support something the writer already wanted to see and establish, not a balanced article detailing different sides to the controversial issue.

I would not be shocked if the Schiavo poll was not entirely accurate. As I said, I have mixed feelings on the federal government intervention, but regardless it still strikes me as odd that the media suddenly cares what I think when they never seem to care about my thoughts on abortion, gay marriage, pornography, social security, immigration, the Iraq war, North Korea nukes or any other social and policy issue today.


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