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Thoughts on the passing of Pope John Paul II

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

Not being a Catholic or associated at all with that tradition, I don't know much about the Pope or any of those things.

He seemed to have a strong character and repaired many bridges that were burned between the Catholic church and the rest of Christianity as well as the Catholic church and the Jewish community. He was also a tireless advocate for life as well as a vital part in the collapse of communism.

Because of my ignorance, I feel more comfortable referring readers to Mark Daniels and his thoughts on the life of John Paul II.

All I know to do is pray for my Catholic brothers and sisters and pray that God uses this to bring many who don't know Him to a saving relationship with Him and as always bring glory to Himself. [ed. for clarity sake]


  • I would wonder at Mr Daniels' Catholic friends who disavow JPII's position on issues like priestly celibacy and the ordination of women - &, I'd be willing to wager, contraception, as well. JPII's position on these subjects are neither "conservative" nor "liberal" (as those are political terms) but, rather, Orthodox; &, indeed, the constant teaching of the Church for over 1950 years!

    "All I know to do is pray for my Catholic brothers and sisters and pray that God uses this to bring many to Him and glory to Himself."

    Your prayers are very greatly appreciated, Aaron - &, in my case, (greatly) needed! But in saying this you do not mean to imply that Catholic Christians have not already been brought to God in a way that Protestants have, do you? Would you mind clarifying? Thanks.

    By Anonymous Gene Branaman, at 4/04/2005 6:46 PM  

  • Gene, thanks for the comments. Actually, I should have clarified my last comment. I wrote in a totally different way than you read it, but when I went back and read it just now I reads like you read it (if that makes any sense.) What I was actually referring to was the fact that with the passing of the Pope, faith and the Gospel have been allowed time on network television. My prayer is that God uses this to bring many to Him that do not know Him.

    That being said, as an evangelical Christian I do have many theological differences with Catholicism, but I count anyone who has been saved through faith in Jesus and by God's grace as my brother and sister.

    As to Rev. Daniel's Catholic friends, I am not sure where they fall. You could probably ask him. I think he was using the terms "conservative" and "liberal" in an apolitical way. Conservative meaning keeping things the way the are, more respect for tradition and liberal as seeking to bring more new ideas in.

    But again, thanks reading and commenting! Glad to have you here!

    By Blogger Aaron, at 4/05/2005 5:55 AM  

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