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Yahoo/USA Today become psychic

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

Today in a USA Today article that was a lead news story on, the claim is made that Terri Schiavo
will not exprience a painful death

Unless somehow I missed it when USA Today and Yahoo became psychic or gained super human knowledge, they can not possible know what Terri is experiencing.

The doctors they quote make profound statements like these:
"She's not experiencing hunger - she's not experiencing anything."

"If you're in a state like this for three months or more, you're chance of recovery is zero."

But those movements [Terri's facial expressions] are merely reflexes.

The article does not mention that any of these doctors has ever evaluated Terri Schiavo personally. So again it must be that these doctors have special super powers, too.

Why they go and talk with someone who had their feeding tube removed and recovered and ask her how it felt?


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