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I have not been this depressed since 1993, when we first learned that Chris Webber could not count.

I hate to say this, but this season UNC was the most talented team in college basketball and deser....okay, they deserve (man that was hard) the national championship (at least we have the ACC title).

As always there is a silver lining to this dark dreary cloud of a Tar Heel championship - I think at least two players (up to four) from this team will go pro early, not to mentioning them losing several of their key reserves and senior leaders to graduation.

Duke will lose Daniel Ewing and Patrick Johnson, but not only do we keep our first team All-American and our national defensive player of the year, but we will be getting the McDonald's High School Player of the Year as well as another McDonald's All-American at a position we need more than anything else - point guard.

So celebrate and rejoice while you can Tar Heel fans, the sky will not always be that weak, pasty blue. It will turn back to the deep, royal blue and I, for one, can not wait.


  • Your Blue Devils will be a potent force next year as always but I wouldn't be so sure about the early departures from this year's Tar Heel team. Roy Williams commands the same kind of loyalty that Dean Smith did when he coached. Although the lure of money and fame in the NBA will be great I think it will be harder for those guys to leave Chapel Hill than you might think.

    By Blogger Daddypundit, at 4/05/2005 11:45 AM  

  • I hope you're wrong. :)

    But I know where you are coming from. After the 1999 loss to UCONN, I had assured myself that nobody would jump because they wanted to come back and win it all - then Brand, Magette and Avery all jumped.

    After the 2001 championship, I knew we would lose senior Battier, but who knew that Dunleavy would jump. By the way, Mike how is that gig going with the Warriors?

    Nope, I'm not bitter!

    By Blogger Aaron, at 4/05/2005 12:55 PM  

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