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This is my lucky week

by Aaron Earls [+/-] show/hide

Apparently, this week is my luckiest week ever. How else could you explain the fact that I should be receiving over $24 million dollars in the next little bit, all because of my email []. Somehow I managed to win an international lottery I didn't enter and some guy from Africa died with no relatives leaving me (somehow) as the person to get his money.

Here's my winning lottery announcement:
We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Lottery Winners International programs held on the 14th April,2005 Your e-mail address attached to ticket number 370982217413-1298 with serial number 4708-311 drew lucky numbers 2-34-28-13-62 which consequently won in the 7th category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay of US$5.500,000.00 (five million five hundred thousand united state dollars) CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Here is the story about my long lost African uncle (I guess):
I have a proposal for you, this however is not mandatory nor will I in any manner compel you to honor against your will. I am Mr. Ponfa Oley, an auditor with a bank (one of the African leading banks in South Africa). Here in this bank existed a dormant account for the past 4 years, which belongs to an American national who is now late, Mr. Morris Thompson who died on Alaska Airlines Flight 261.
When I discovered that there had been neither deposits nor withdrawals from this account for this long period, I decided to carry out a system investigation and discovered that none of the family member or relations of the late person is aware of this account. This is the story in a nutshell.
Now I want an account overseas where the bank will transfer these funds. There after, I had planned to destroy all related documents for this account. It is a careful network and for the past eleven months I have worked out everything to ensure a hitch-free operation. The amount is not so much at the moment and plus all the accumulated interest the balance in
this account stands at- (US $18.6 million US dollars).

Seriously, it is amazing that so many people fall for these scams. It is sad that every new invention of man is perverted and distored for our own greedy purposes. New inventions are a lot like new days, we can take them and use them for noble purposes and to benefit others. We can also take them, twist them and use them for own our selfish desires.

Just like it is easy for me to talk about how stupid the Isralites must have been to continue to disobey God or Samson to continue to trust Delilah, it is easy for me to condemn the people who send these emails out trying to rip people off. But I am guilty of making stupid mistakes and trying to push myself up by stepping on others. Too often, I hear God's voice and I ignore it, only to ask God why He let these bad things happen to me. Too often, I am guilty of using others (my wife, my family, my friends, my co-workers) simply to boost my pride and stroke my ego.

Maybe this is my lucky week after all. Maybe I will finally stop making the same stupid mistakes and actually be a doer of the word instead of just a hearer. Maybe I will actually place others before myself. That would be worth a lot more than $24 million dollars. (Not that the money would hurt ;) )


  • Gee, I figured just because I get one of these e-mails a day (at least) that I was the lucky one! Guess it shows how wrong I am.

    By Blogger Daddypundit, at 4/19/2005 10:35 AM  

  • Apparently, my spam filter does not want to see me inherit large sums of US dollars. It blocks out a lot of these. Can I sue my spam filter for the money I could have already gotten?

    By Blogger Aaron, at 4/19/2005 10:54 AM  

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