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Just some things that struck me around the blogosphere that you may have missed:

A Top 10 to get angry about
The Heritage Foundation has compiled a top 10 list of the biggest government wastes. I sure they had a lot to choose from since apparently compassionate conservatism, doesn't include the conservative principle of smaller government and less spending.
Hat Tip: World Mag Blog

Lack of diversity
Josh at the Conjecturer complains about a lack of diversity as he live blogs this morning at a conference in the liberal mecca of Boulder, CO.

The future of ID
The future of Intelligent Design is now at the new blog - ID the future. The new group blog, combines many of the leaders of the Intelligent Design theory movement today. If you are interested in that aspect of science and religion, go and check it out.

I need one - badly
I wish they would of had these when I was in college. That could have prevented me from almost failing an 8:00 class.
Hat Tip: Ace

This has to work...right?
A Christian oilman is using the Bible as a guide to find oil in the Holy Land. Unfortunately, as Stones Cry Out points out, the passage could very well be speaking of olive oil, not crude oil, especially seeing how crude oil was not very valuable to people who rode animals and had no need of heating oil. But hey, I hope it works out for the man - anything to lower gas prices.

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