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Where Should Christians Get Their News?

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For Christians to be intelligent contributors to our society, we should be looking in the following places:

1. Mainstream News, Domestic and Foreign
If we are to be involved in our mainstream culture in order to incluence it and cogently discuss it, we need to be aware of what is going on. Despite any liberal bias, the big news organizations do have extensive resources to be able to bring us some very good reporting. And some notworthy conservatives work at these "liberal" institutions, and write some very good stuff. Credible sources I am aware of include:

2. Alternative, Non-Christian News
To avoid the omissions of the maintsream media, we should look at the publications of advocacy and watchdog groups that bring to our attention worthy items that the mainstream media does not cover. This includes ethnic-oriented groups (e.g. the Anti-Defamation League), human rights groups such as Amnesty Intl, and environmental and animal rights groups.

3. Christian News Sources
Last but not least, we should seek news with a Christian world view. There are plenty of these, including

I happen to get my news through the following avenues:

1. NPR
While some people think NPR liberal, I find the commercial-free and indepth analysis really refreshing. And they're not as liberal as they used to be. Third Party RSS Feed

2. The 700 Club
Some people will scoff at this, but the first 15 minutes of this show is a daily wrapup of the news from a Christian perspective. No RSS.

3. The Economist Magazine
This British news weekly is packed! And it's not about economics! It makes magazine like Time and Newsweek look like lightweights. It is balanced and has indepth analysis of American and world news. Sometimes, I don't get time to read it because it is so dense. Third-party RSS Feed

4. The Week Magazine
This compact news weekly is inexpensive and covers world news with a balanced perspective. Minimal online content, though.

5. Wired Magazine
Not only does this magazine of technology and culture have great news articles, each month it has at least one good article on some social issue - the environment, genetically modified foods, stem cell research, etc. RSS Feed

6. Headline News
When I need a half hour to catch up on what's hot, I hit CNN on the TV. RSS Feed

7. Christianity Today Magazine
Nice Christian view of what is important, and how evangelicals view world events. Too bad their online blog doesn't have an RSS feed! BLINO - BLog In Name Only.

8. Agape Press
This blog really has a nice stream of news from a Christian perspective. RSS Feed

What are your favorite news sources?


  • I never thought I would see NPR and the 700 Club together on anyone's list of anything!

    Most conservatives (with cable/dish) get their news from FOX News. I don't have either and I don't get home in time to watch the evening news (not that I would if I could).

    I tend to get most of my news from blogs, online news services, etc. I go to a variety of blogs with different slants, that way I know what I am getting.

    By Blogger Aaron, at 3/10/2005 2:04 PM  

  • NPR has an unfair reputation among conservatives. To their own hurt, they miss a lot of great reporting on npr.

    I don't watch fox news because its coverage is so overtly biased as to be annoying, kind of like Bill O'Reilly. I'm sure some of it is fine, but I don't care for it much. Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems to be the conservative equivalent of Dan Rather's reporting. Certainly not balanced.

    By Blogger papa, at 3/10/2005 3:45 PM  

  • I don't think Christians should get their news from any different sources than others... EVERYONE should get their news from a variety of sources.

    Now, I would say *any* TV or newspaper source is inferior. The websites belonging to TV or newspaper sources are typically better (, for example) because, in the case of TV, they go into significantly more detail online, and in the case of newspaper, you can often get the news several hours earlier.

    My main sources of news are:

    1) for world events, US news, etc

    2) for sports news

    3) LGF, Iraq The Model, A Star from Mosul, and various other middle-eastern Arab or Jewish blogs for coverage of relevant issues

    4) Stones Cry Out and other Christian blogs for religious news

    5) -- a discussion forum originally dedicated to a video game. It drew a reasonable cross-section of society (political and religious.) The game has died out, but the relationships we've forged allow us to discuss the relevant issues of our time. It serves as something of a "news aggregator"...

    By Blogger LotharBot, at 3/12/2005 12:12 PM  

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